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A trip to New York City during the summer of 2015, offered much inspiration. While in New York I met with a painter from Chicago. We discussed art and visited many of the contemporary galleries. I decided to create the Spring/Summer 2017 collection based on the streets of New York and contemporary Art.

这 2015年夏天,在纽约曼哈顿以及布鲁克林的短驻时光,给了设计师丰富的创作灵感。在此期间,设计师结识了在纽约生活的芝加哥画家。相互探讨艺术,也十分幸运的参观了chelsea的各个现代艺术画廊。于是设计师决定将2017年春夏女装系列的主题定义为:纽约街头/现代艺术。

I travel quite often and take photographs of what I see. Each journey gives me a rich source of information. I draw inspiration from natural scenery, architecture, history, and urban environments. Other finds may influence my work too.  I find Yin and Yang in things like old posters, encounters with strangers, and the living conditions of the local people. Fashion itself can be a culmination of any number of discoveries. Every season, the collection is based on a city that inspires me. There are so many touching details, which fill my experiences and generate new ideas.



时装本身是可以和旅行志相结合的。 每一季都以一个城市为出发点,这座城市给予设计师的灵感,以及期间发生的故事,感人的细节。

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