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In this collection of CONNECTIONSy, the designer Shang Yang has been inspired by the magic of the city -- Barcelona, Spain. The colorful buildings, elegant and secular lifestyle, as well as Gaudi's architectures, Picasso's masterpieces , have become the inspirational force in the creative process . The geometry of the Sagrada Familia, the streamlined walls of the Casa Mila,Picasso's Cubism paintings. The designer Shang Yang has found more possibilities for their integration with seamless ease into costumes. With the use of colour contrasting geometric printing, clean and neat silhouette.The innovative curve cutting methods. With the help of metalic rings and other eyes catching accessories, the 2017-18 fall and winter collection will be very exciting and refresh, but also wearable..

这一系列,设计师SHANG YANG受启发于西班牙的魔幻城市--巴塞罗那。 色彩斑澜的建筑,高雅与世俗的生活方式,以及高迪,毕加索大师的艺术杰作,都成为了这个系列在创作过程中必不可少的灵感来源。圣家堂的几何形状,米拉之家的流线型墙壁,毕加索的立体主义绘画,于是设计师SHANG 试图寻找它们与服装结合的更多可能性。 运用色彩对比强烈的几何印花,干净利落的版型,曲线的创新裁剪方式,以及金属环等配饰,使得2017-18秋冬系列非常新颖有趣,同时也具有很好的实穿性。




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