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“LOST & CONFIDENCE” | CONNECTIONSy Milano Spring/Summer 2017 Collection Fashion Film

CONNECTIONSy Milano Fashion Film, this short fashion film tells the story of a young woman traveling alone. Lost in the huge city. But she looks so different, self-confident like the sunshine. We want to tell the audience through this film, a person's travel is wonderful, connections will help you record your travel and memories.

“FLUID GEOMETRY” | CONNECTIONSy Milano Fall/Winter 2017 Collection Fashion Film

CONNECTIONSy Milano Fall/Winter 2017 Collection, In this collection of CONNECTIONSy, the designer Shang Yang has been inspired by the magic of the city -- Barcelona, Spain. The colorful buildings, elegant and secular lifestyle, as well as Gaudi's architectures, Picasso's masterpieces , have become the inspirational force in the creative process . The geometry of the Sagrada Familia, the streamlined walls of the Casa Mila,Picasso's Cubism paintings. The designer Shang Yang has found more possibilities for their integration with seamless ease into costumes. With the use of colour contrasting geometric printing, clean and neat silhouette.The innovative curve cutting methods. With the help of metalic rings and other eyes catching accessories, the 2017-18 fall and winter collection will be very exciting and refresh, but also wearable..

“THE WIND” | CONNECTIONSy Milano Spring Summer / 2018 Collection Fashion Film

The Spring 2018 Collection draws Inspiration from my time in the world's most northern city, Tromso Norway. I wanted to pay homage to The simplicity and quiet of the Norwegian landscape. The glow of snow and ice vanishing into the deep shadows of pine forests, set against the night skies flaming Arora, are proof that light can be found in the most remote places. 

I was reminded of this experience while watching a scene from the 2016 film "Moonlight". A story of human experience generally overlooked in error. The film connects the metaphor of a shimmering moon reflected on the surface of deep waters, while all that is beneath remains shrouded in darkness, to the life of a man on a journey of self-discovery. This idea helped me to better understand that even in darkness there is life unknown. 

This concept combines the emotions and the awareness felt when understanding is present. The intimacy of experience and the courage to explore the unknown are represented in color and texture. The clean lines and sharp cuts of the clothing bring to mind paths not yet traveled. Aurora is a combination of personal exploration and the desire to delve deeper into the world around us. 

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