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About the designer:CONNECTIONSy creative director SHANG YANG, graduated from the Shanghai “Donghua University”, Fashion design degree program. Shang’s graduate collection was awarded the runner-up honor in the same year he won the “Student Innovation in World Of Wearable Arts Award”.  Shang’s experience working with some notable fashion brands helped cultivate his design skill and develop his individual style.


In 2015 Shang completed his master's degree at “Domus Academy” in Milan Italy. During the school collaboration with certain Italian fashion labels, such as Avaro Figlio, Trussardi, Frankie Morello.. In January 2016, Shang founded CONNECTIONSy MILANO. His first collection “Chelsea Fantsy S/S 2017” selected by the international emerging designer platform "NOT JUST A LABEL" as "BLACK SHEEP." April 2017 during Shanghai Fashion Week, the brand successfully held its “Fluid Geometry” F/W 2017 fashion show in Xintiandi. Shang works on the success of the publication in VOGUE (Italy), Schon(UK), SOLIS(New York), Marie Claire (China)and PROMO, PUMP, ELEGANT and other fashion magazines. At the end of 2017, CONNECTIONSy was nominated for the Short-List of the French fashion context "OpenMyMed Prize 2018" with his S/S 2018 collection "Aurora Girls". Meanwhile,he was selected as "VOGUE TALENTS 2017" by Vogue Italia. 


SHANG YANG(杨上)简介: CONNECTIONSy设计师杨上毕业于上海东华大学服装设计专业, 毕业作品获得亚军。同年在新西兰世界可穿着服装艺术大赛中获 得创意组冠军。毕业后在多个时装屋的工作经历,使其拥有成熟的设计技巧。

  2014年赴意大利米兰Domus Academy攻读硕士学位, 期间与多个意大利时尚品牌合作,例如: AVARO FIGLIO, Trussardi, FRANKIE MORELLO..毕业后在米兰成立其独立设计师品牌CONNECTIONSy及工作室,第一季春夏女装系列“切尔西的艺术幻想”被国际新锐设计师平台“NOT JUST A LABEL”评选为“BLACK SHEEP”。 2017年4月上海时装周期间,品牌在新天地举办“流动的几何”秋冬女装发布会。 杨上的成衣系列与专访相续刊登于意大利版VOGUE,英国Schon, 纽约SOLIS, 中国版嘉人以及PROMO,PUMP,ELEGANT 等时尚杂志。 2017年底CONNECTIONSy凭借2018春夏系列“极光女孩”,入围法国时尚比赛“OpenMyMed Prize 2018'”决赛名单,同时期其被意大利Vogue杂志选为“VOGUE TALENTS"。


Fashion / Travel / Art

Bio: CONNECTIONSy was founded in Milan in 2016 and means “Recording Journey with Fashion”. Designer Shang Yang integrated his travel footprint into the aesthetic appeal. With his iconic abstract print, the arc-cutting, comfortable silhouette gives it a unique style of “Elegant-Street”. The brand explores the relationship between contemporary people, art, and travel, and vocalizes young women of the Z-Generation.

品牌简介: CONNECTIONSy 2016 年创立于米兰, 含义为“用时装纪录旅程”, 设计师杨上将其游历足迹融入到对美学的精神诉求。 凭借标志性的抽象印花, 弧线剪裁, 舒适廓形使其拥有“优雅街头 - Elegantstreet”的独特风格。品牌探讨当代人,艺术,旅行之间的关系,并为次世代的文艺女青年发声。 


Brand Story: Connection means forming a connecting link between the preceding and the following in the English language. This word is also the meaning of Designer Shang Yang’s name. Everything in life exists in a direct or indirect relationship with each other, no matter water and air, plant and soil, or the relationships between humans, they are all carriers of cause and effect. The birth of a fashion product must pass through the inspiration collection, sketches, production, and packaging. Every link is connected, and every link can be called a Connection. The meaning of“Connectionsy” is not only an ordinary fashion product, it carries a lot of stories of the designer himself, such as the learning and sentiment from reading a book, joy from drinking a cup of coffee, memories from a journey, a break up… Therefore, you may find your own stories in the fashion production of Connectionsy.

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